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What is
Mountain Tea?

Popular since antiquity, still very popular in Greece today. Most Greek consumers will travel to villages where Sideritis is grown and buy locally. Our mountain tea with a twist is now available in the UK.


Mountain Tea was used by the ancient Greeks as a medical herb for several diseases.


Our version infuses delicious natural ingredients with the all important herb, Sideritis. This aromatic herb is found in the Greek mountains where it grows wild and undisturbed, as it has done for centuries.


We use traditional methods of farming this precious plant, retaining the authentic taste by processing it in harmony with the natural landscape.

Our Process

Benefit from the unique properties of Sideritis

We infuse the Sideritis leaves in hot water to release all the flavours, aromas and nutrients of the Sideritis plant and add only 100% Greek fruit juices blended by our master tea makers.


According to preliminary studies, Sideritis enhances memory function and can strengthen the immune system.

Make Mountain Tea part of your daily nutrition, and benefit from its antioxidant and revitalising properties.

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